Top 5 Household Moving and Packing Tips

Moving can be stressful for anyone. Not only do you have to worry about the logistics, but once everything is squared away and shipped off to your new home, you still have to stress out about all the things that could go wrong. For instance, what if your car breaks down along the way and you need to not only repair your vehicle, but also to pay for a few nights at a hotel. In addition, you wouldn’t think that all those boxes would cost as much as they did. Also, don’t forget about all the costs of moving in to your new apartment or house, like brokerage fees and security deposits. When it comes to moving, it is always good to save where you can. Here are the top 5 household moving and packing tips.

  1. Find recycled boxes. Purchasing brand new boxes can be incredibly costly, especially if you have an entire home to box up. You can easily head down to the local market where they have thousands of boxes they are just throwing away. If you need bigger boxes you can find clothing or furniture outlet retailers that have boxes to give away, but in much bigger sizes.
  2. Deduct your moving expenses. Everything from the tape you use and the gas you use in your car to get you to your new home and city can be deducted from your taxes. This can be a huge boon for people who are looking to relocate for work, but are afraid of the costs involved. However, moving is good for the economy, especially when it means new opportunities. Uncle Sam is always willing to pitch in if you get hired for a new job or are relocating to look for new prospects.
  3. Move everything yourself and save on movers. Renting a truck and packing it with all your stuff is a lot less expensive – drastically so – than hiring a moving company to do it for you. Plus, you won’t have to worry so much about your items getting damaged. If you are an individual or have a small family, this can be one of the most cost effective options when it comes to relocating.
  4. If you have more stuff than you can move yourself, there is also the option of looking into getting a portable storage unit. Many of these units can be brought directly to you so that you can fill them up. They are then picked up and shipped directly to the doorstep of your new location. This is often much cheaper than hiring a moving company and even moving it yourself. For instance, there is a company called Pods that have some of the best rates available. You can look for a promotional code online or you can visit their website.
  5. Lastly, always organize. There is a reason why people write “books,” “clothing,” “earthenware,” on their boxes before they move. If you want to be able to find anything when you move, always label your boxes. It will also make unpacking easier too.

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