Top 5 Design Safety Tips for a Toddler’s Room

When a child is around toddler age, it can be one of the most fascinating times for both you as well as them. They are learning how to walk, how to speak with complete sentences and it seems like every single day, there is something new for them to discover and that’s absolutely awesome.

Yet in the midst of all of their curiosity and moving about, you definitely want to make sure that you do all that you can to insure their safety. That’s why, when it comes to designing their bedroom, we wanted to provide you with five safety tips below:

Watch the outlets and wires. When your child was a newborn, they couldn’t get around without your assistance. Now that your baby is walking and maybe even running, they are now able to pull on wires and stick things into outlets. That’s why you’ve got to make sure to purchase some safe plates for your outlets and that you keep wires (like the ones connecting to the television or their lamp) concealed by using something like a wire guard (both items can be purchased on Amazon).

Install a safety gate. Speaking of staying away of your child’s movements, if you have some stairs in your home, you definitely want to install a safety gate in front of them. This will prevent your child from trying to go up or down them when you’re not around to watch.

Get a mesh window guard. There are many interior designers who will recommend that you not put your child’s bed by the window in their room. Why? Because it might tempt them to try and climb out of it and obviously, if that happened, it could cause all kinds of problems. So, our first recommendation would be to keep the crib or bed as far from the window as possible. Our next suggestion would be to get a mesh window guard. They fit comfortably over just about any window while deterring your child from messing with it.

Keep certain toys out of harm’s way. Although a toddler is maturing daily, they still tend to want to put all kinds of things into their mouths and if the items are very small, they run the risk of choking. So, when it comes to stuffed animals and big building blocks that you may have purchased at a local toy store or online at Toy Buzz, those are ideal for their toy chest (the one that they can reach for themselves). However, if there are games or learning activities that come with pieces that are small enough to put in their mouth, put those either in a top shelf in their closet or in your room.

Make sure the bedding is simple. There are all kinds of bedding out here that is pretty to look at, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the safest. Your child needs sheets that fit snuggly onto their mattress and when it comes to their blanket or pillows, try and keep them to a minimum. The less that your toddler has in the bed with them, the less risk they will encounter when it comes to overheating or even suffocation. They have the rest of their lives to have an amazing comforter and accessories. For now, less is definitely more.

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