5 Important Features That Attract Home Buyers

No matter if you are sellingĀ real estate in Atlanta or Roanoke, there are a few common features to include in your home renovations that will definitely increase the chances of getting an offer on your property. Some of these features you can easily add with minimal or no construction, but some of these features might be smart to include in your home flipping budget. Let’s face it – the real estate market changes all the time and so do some of the features that homebuyers find the most attractive. In this day and age, there are some features where if you don’t have them in your home, you might not see a sale at all. Here are 5 important features that attract home buyers.

  1. Stainless steel kitchen appliances. These days, buyers want to see a sleek modern kitchen. That means that they want to see a refrigerator, stove, microwave and even dishwasher made out of a clean stainless steel material. Not only are these appliances aesthetically pleasing, but also they are incredibly durable and are very easy to clean. Also, most of these items are energy efficient, which can save the homebuyer a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Stone or marble countertops. Depending on the price of the house, if you want to get the best offer on the property, it would be wise to install either marble or slate countertops. Marble can be the most expensive type of material, but you can easily use a certain type of cement and cover it with a sealant to give it an industrial, but expensive and modern look. In addition, there are many types of marble with different colors and even different price ranges. Even the lowest end marble will give the kitchen a sleek look that homebuyers will love.
  3. New air conditioning. If the home is located in a particularly warm area, it is important that the home has a nice new central air conditioning unit that is energy efficient and top of the line. You might even want to give it a whirl when home buyers are walking through the home so that they can get a sense of how well it works and how unbelievably quiet it is. With HVAC technology, air conditioners have not only become more energy efficient, but also they are virtually silent.
  4. Fireplaces. Before you think about closing in that fireplace with cement or drywall, it is important to understand that fireplaces are incredibly attractive to home buyers. Not only can they warm the home, but also they look gorgeous on a cold winter night. Also, fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient and you won’t have to rely so heavily on the heating system during the winter.
  5. Homes less than 3 years old. If your home is older you might be out of luck, but it is much easier to sell a home where the grand feature is how new it is. In fact, new buyers are willing to spend more on homes that are newer, because not only do they look better, but the renovation and upgrade costs are much lower in the long run.

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