How to Clean and Care for the Window Treatments in Your Home

Window treatments are one of those things you always look past when you are cleaning your home. After a while, our window treatments – no matter what style or fabric they are – can start to really collect dust and dirt. Yet, most of us don’t really know the best way to clean our window blinds and curtains. If they are fabric, you can’t really put them in the washing machine. You also don’t want to damage them using the wrong kind of cleaning solution. Here is how to clean and care for the window treatments in your home.

First, start with a good dusting. Before you begin to clean your window treatments using a number of different solutions, it is important to first remove any dust or dirt that might have built up. After you’ve gotten the first layer of dirt and dust removed it is time to remove your window blinds or curtains from the fixture and lay them flat on the floor. Once they are flat you can do another dusting, but this time with a vacuum cleaner. This will get rid of not only dirt and dust, but also bugs and other larger items that were too attached to remove on the initial dusting.

Next, fill the bathtub with warm water and mix in a solution of delicate fabric laundry detergent. You don’t usually want to use bleach or any other heavy chemical cleaner, because it can end up causing damage. Once you’ve filled the bath with the solution you can place the blinds carefully in the water and let them soak for up to three hours. If your blinds are too big or large, you can easily roll them up first and then let them soak.

After you’ve let the blinds soak it is time to scrub them down. Whether you have roller shades in NY to protect against the piercing reflecting light of neighboring skyscrapers or you have venetian blinds for your one bedroom home in a residential neighborhood, you want to take the best care of your window treatments. The last thing you want is to damage them in some way. This is why removing them from the bath is the most crucial part. Remove them carefully and then let any excess water fall off first before drying them. Once your window treatments aren’t soaking wet you can then take a sponge using the same solution and then do a deep clean.

Lastly, make sure to rinse out any soap – a backyard hose really works wonders – and afterwards find a safe place to let your window treatments dry. In most cases you don’t want to leave them outside, because they can start to fade – some fabrics might even start to fray. If you have paper blinds make sure that you look at the user manual before you clean them or contact the manufacturer. Some paper blinds you might be able to clean using water, but some you might actually damage by trying to clean them with water – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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