5 Sources of Inspiration for Interior Designers

When you hire an interior designer to come into your house and work their decorating magic, have you ever wondered what their source of inspiration comes from? Sure, deep down there’s probably always been a love for “all things d├ęcor” inside of them. Plus, it’s a pretty sure bet that they’ve also had a bit of professional training. But when it comes to taking the visions that they have for your living or bedroom and then turning them into reality, where exactly do they get all of their creativity?

The short answer is “everywhere” because you can look at just about anything and have it inspire you. But, if you’re curious to know some of the specific places that they rely on to help them come up with some of their best ideas, we’ve enclosed five of them below.

Nature. Just about all of us have had moments when we’ve walked along the beach, hiked a trail or enjoyed a day at the park with our loved ones and came back feeling rejuvenated. That’s because the beauty of nature tends to have so much to offer. It’s filled with life, color and all kinds of intricate details that are sure to stimulate an interior designer, especially with rooms that have lots of windows (which leads to a lot of outdoor scenery).

Fashion. Fashion is not just known for its annual trends but its classic and signature styles too. It’s in fashion that we can best discover patterns and textures in all kinds of fabrics. So, whether it’s by reading a magazine, watching the Style Network or even attending a fashion show in a major city, interior designers can envision all kinds of upholstery concepts for furniture and ideas for window treatments thanks to fashion.

Architecture. Although interior designers do not tend have a lot to do with the restructuring of a home, still, by making a concerted effort to study skyscrapers, hotels, churches, restaurants and especially other homes, they are able to get a better sense of how to accentuate vaulted ceilings or how to use certain light fixtures in the most ideal kind of way.

Photography. The awesome thing about photography is that you can find it in so many different kinds of places. It’s on greetings cards that have inspirational quotes on them. It’s on billboards as we’re driving down the road. Of course it’s in books and magazines. And we even have them in our own photo albums. They are a nice way to bring about an artistic or even a personalized touch.

Travel. Perhaps one of the best ways for interior designers to get inspired is by traveling. Whether it’s going to a new city or an entirely different country, each place brings with it a certain kind of character from its restaurants to its neighborhoods to even the certain special “traits” of the people who live there. If an interior designer has found themselves in a kind of rut when it comes to innovativeness, just a week in a new place can have them rested, ready and most of all, inspired to do more home decorating.

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