5 Benefits of Creating Exciting Infographics for Your Home Improvement Blog

If the thing you love most about being a homeowner is the opportunities it provides for home improvement projects that help you to boost the form and function of your property while increasing the value, then perhaps you’ve elected to share the wealth of your knowledge and experience with others who find themselves in a similar situation, primarily by penning a blog. Whether you write about your own projects, you take requests from readers on tutorials they’d like to see, or both, you likely have no shortage of topics to discuss. But in the visual medium offered by the online arena, you should probably consider cutting down on the rampant text and adding some white space, color, and visual interest to your online venture. And here are just a few benefits that you could realize when you start creating exciting infographics as a way to spice up your home improvement blog.

  1. Renew your passion. When you’re writing a blog, day after day and year after year, it’s no surprise that your zest for the project would start to wane. So if you find yourself losing steam (and readership, to boot) then perhaps it’s time to come up with a plan to reinvigorate your blog, not to mention your own interest in the undertaking. By spending your time creating fun and fascinating infographics you can reboot your brain and your blog. It’s a good way to get out of the rut that mere writing can leave you in.
  2. Learn a new skill. If you’ve never engaged in graphic design before, you may have a bit of a learning curve ahead of you, but creating infographics is a skill you’ll be glad you possess – and yes, there is definitely some skill involved. Writing a blog can acclimate you to saying whatever is on your mind without a lot of editing. So when you try to put together what basically amounts to bullet points, you may find yourself overshooting until you learn to pare your points down to concise tidbits of information. And of course, you must learn to design compelling graphics that make readers want to take a closer look. As a bonus, developing these skills can help you in a variety of pursuits in addition to benefitting your blog.
  3. Add visual appeal. Blogs frequently suffer from an overabundance of blocky text. This can be overwhelming for readers. By throwing in infographics here and there you can break up the space and turn your boring blog into a much more enticing layout that encourages readers to continue their journey through your virtual space.
  4. Increase sharing. While most readers aren’t compelled to share an entire blog posting with family, friends, or coworkers even if they enjoy it immensely, they may be more inclined to forward or repost a self-contained infographic. And when you embed keywords, tags, and links in the package you can ensure that you’re getting all the SEO value (and then some) that a regular posting might provide.
  5. Engage readers in a new way. Whether you create static orĀ interactive infographics, you’re using your blog space in a new way to engage readers. You’re not only delivering the information that you might put into a standard blog post, but you’re doing it in such a way that your readers get additional value from the graphics, not to mention the ease of bite-size data in a bullet-point format. If readers have complained in the past about the long-winded nature of your posts, this is one great way to keep them happy.

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