Kitchen and Bathroom Design Looks for 2013 That You’ll Just love

eco friendly kitchen design Kitchen and Bathroom Design Looks for 2013 That Youll Just loveYou may be wondering what interior decorators are hailing as the next “big thing” for 2013? Well just a few ideas that are featured in the latest remodels include glass backsplashes, chevron patterns and retractable towel rails. However much you may want to feature the latest ideas into your kitchen design, you need to bear in mind ideas which are practical and ones that will stand the length of time and not look outdated within a couple of months.

Using color in chevron patterns

It’s definitely a time for bold and dramatic chevron patterns and these are showing up everywhere; on backsplashes, kitchen walls, rugs, floors and even shower curtains. Most of these patterns alternate black and white and used as a splash back with white kitchen cabinets, would certainly look stylish and stunning. However, if you play around with alternative colors such as soft greens, browns, and beige colors, you could easily achieve a softer, more subtle look which would work well with natural wood kitchen cabinets and give a warm, country feel to your kitchen.

Glass backsplashes

If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen you might consider using beautiful and creative glass backsplashes. These large glass panels are one of the hottest looks right now and require no grout. Once they were regarded as purely functional surfaces to protect one’s kitchen or bathroom walls from splashes, but now they are looked upon as a work of art. They’re definitely worth considering as a simple upgrade to your 2013 kitchen. They don’t have to be limited to kitchens either. The modern bathroom could also benefit from even more elaborate etched glass backsplashes paired with clean, simple lines.

Eco friendly and green

More households than ever are looking for eco friendly solutions in their homes. For a convenient upgrade why not look at installing a motion sense faucet. The water is triggered by a quick wave of the hand, followed by another quick wave to turn it off. This state of the art technology helps to minimise waste, maximise performance, and makes everyday routines quick and effortless. Another green option in the kitchen is bamboo flooring or bamboo kitchen cabinets. Being environmentally friendly and sustainable, bamboo also has very low formaldehyde emissions which make it an excellent choice for healthy homes.

Retractable towel rails

Finally, head on to the bathroom for a clever innovation which is growing in popularity. The retractable towel ring holds hand towels in place, expands out to eleven inches, and then simply retracts back again. If you’re tired of towels hanging around on door knobs or cluttering countertops, then this is the ideal solution. It can be used anywhere in the house where you have a faucet.

These are just a few ideas which look to become traditions. You can utilize any of them in your kitchen or bathroom knowing with confidence that they will remain in vogue for years to come.

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