6 Tips to Replace Damaged Engineered Floor

smoked oak engineered flooring 6 Tips to Replace Damaged Engineered FloorEngineered floor is mentioned to be really great in a building. It covers our need on comfort and also interior beauty. However, bad things happen and we may find the need to replace several of those floors as it was damaged. Here are the useful tips to replace the damaged floor.

1. Do Not Sand It

Engineered floor commonly has veneer on top of it. Sanding the damaged spot will be a bad idea because you can sand off the veneer. This will change the flooring look and you do not want such bad and different look on the particular floor.

2. Filling Scratches

You will need putty repair for it. Choose the wax based one. It is easier to apply and is more appropriate. Choose one with the same colour. Buff the putty carefully when you are done filling it in. You will need a clean cotton cloth to do this.

3. Filling Gouges

Gouge can be handled using the same putty. However, for deeper damage, we should use sand and we need to apply it very carefully. In the end, apply two or three layers of polyurethane on the area. This should cover the gouge and bring back the flooring look.

engineered floor joists 6 Tips to Replace Damaged Engineered Floor4. Nailed Boards Replacement

Cut the board using circle saw. You will be able to pull it off later and work on the replacement. You will need the same size of replacement with this one. Just slice the bottom lip from the groove. Slipping the replacement in will be easier to do then.

5. Floating Board Replacement

You will need to take out the boards one by one form the edge. Your targeted board will be replaced first. By then, we will be able to put back the other boards again. Do not forget to start everything right from the edges, not right from the damaged floor.

6. DIY vs. Professional Service

It depends on the case. If it is simple enough, you should consider doing it by yourself so you can save more money and work immediately. However, difficult and extreme cases will need professional hand. For such problems, consider hiring experienced professional service.

You need to be really careful on this project so it does not ruin the other floors. The suggested techniques on tips are proven to be correct and effective in making the replacement. If you are not so sure how to do it, hire more experienced people to do it.

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